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New Book Published by HGF


In this book Dr Roy Douglas considers the effects that might be expected to follow from the introduction of an alternative system of raising public revenue that does not involve taxing people when they buy, sell or work to produce the goods and services we all need to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

It is designed for people who are unaware of the social, economic and material damage that such taxes inflict upon society today or how implementing the alternative would lead to better, more productive sustainable and environmentally friendly use of urban and rural land.

Dr Doulas shows how the continuing failure of economists and politicians to solve the challenge of poverty amidst plenty may be traced to the effects of confusing the economic term “land” with the same word as used in general conversation and in English law.

He illustrates how “Land Value” is created by the whole community and is thus due to the whole community. He then explains how fiscal reform based upon these realities has an important part to play in addressing such problems as low wages, unemployment, unaffordable housing environmental damage and those associated with agriculture, booms and slumps.

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