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How can I print from this web site?

Printing from the web is often problematic, but there are three basic methods of printing from this site, each of which will yield slightly different results.

First please ask the obligatory question – "Do I really need to print this page?"

1.  Button on Page: On each article (but not on the Home Page) there are three buttons in the top right-hand corner: PDF, Print, and Email.  Using the Print button will open a new window containing only the text of the article, without manus or images.  This can then be printed as is using the print button on the screen.

2.  Browser Print Button: Use the Print button on your browser.  This will print the whole screen as you see it, but in IE7 it will leave out images including the ‘Henry George Foundation’ header image.

3.  Use the ‘Print Screen’ functionality to print the whole screen exactly as you see it.

With many machines you can use this sequence of buttons to achieve this:

  • Press Function (Fn) and Print Screen (prt scrn) simultaneously to capture the image of the screen.
  • Press Control (Ctrl) and ‘C’ simultaneously to copy that image to the clipboard.
  • Open an application such as Microsoft Word, or an imaging application, and press Control (Ctrl) and ‘V’ to paste the image into the application.  An alternative method is to use the right mouse click and ‘Paste’ option to paste the image.
  • Finally print the image from this application using the normal print method, and you will have an image of the whole screen, menus images and all.
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