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Has Land Value Tax ever been tried?

Taxes of this nature have been tried in various forms, and at various times.

The book Land Value Taxation around the World gives a detailed account of the large number of cases this type of taxation has been put into practice.

A summary can be found here.

A key to implementation of a land value tax is regular and accurate valuations. Lincoln County Ohio provides and excellent example of how this can be done with a publicly viewable land value map giving the values of each plot. See here.

In the United Kingdom it was most nearly implemented by the LLoyd George government in its 1911 Budget Reforms.

A bill was passed to introduce LVT in England in 1931 but shortly afterwards the Government fell due to the economic crisis prevailing at the time so it was never enacted.

Articles both on this site and in Land & Liberty Magazine give some information as to its implementation and levels of success.

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