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Sixth Form Communications Competition 2015

Sixth Form Communications Competition 2015

An exciting opportunity for sixth form students to demonstrate their writing, presentation, art/graphic, and video communication skills


£1,000 First Prize
Plus 3 @ £500, and 20 @ £100 (all shared with school/college)
Plus £500 for the School supporting most entries (£5,000 total)

Closing Date 30th November 2015

How to Enter

  1. Review and take on board the briefing material below. This is best done as a group where the material can be explored and discussed to maximise the scope for a clear understanding of the main points and their implications.
  2. Produce a creative work that represents/illustrates/promotes one or more of the core ideas contained in the briefing material. These may be general or particular, i.e. to illustrate the significance of the briefing information in a particular location e.g. relating to the history, geography or economy of a local area/district/town etc. The work may be submitted under any of four categories i.e. either:
    1. Written work: e.g. article, letter e.g. to newspaper/MP/friend, review, comment – max 1200 words.
    2. Picture: Artwork, graphic design, poster (A3)
    3. You Tube type video: 6 – 10 minutes
    4. Map Based Power Point Presentation: Max ten sheets of which at least three are annotated maps.
  3. Submit entry by email attachment (or link) to by by 30th November 2015.

Watch the Briefing Videos

Download Briefing Materials

Brief 1

Brief 2

Brief 3

Land & Liberty (pages 3, 6-9, 13-17, 26 & 28 Back Cover)

Competition Information

The Taxing Question of Land


  1. Entries will be judged on content, style and effectiveness on conveying their message
  2. The submitting email should indicate the identity of the student and school/college but this information should not be shown on the entry attachment/link itself. i.e. entries will be judged anonymously.
  3. The Foundation reserves the right to use any winning entries for promotional and/or educational purposes.


In each category there will be a first prize of £500 and five runners up prizes of £100. There will also be an overall winner prize of £500. All prizes will be divided equally between the student and the school/college. There will also be a £500 prize for the school/college supporting the most entries.

The Briefing Material and Additional Information

The briefing material reflects the works of the economist and social reformer Henry George whose genius has been recognised by such intellectual luminaries as Albert Einstein, Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, Winston Churchill and today, Joseph Stiglitz and many others throughout the world.

For additional information or if you would like a Foundation representative to lead a discussion on the briefing (in person or via a webinar) please telephone free to 0800 048 8537.

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