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Visitors – A New Novel by John Stewart

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A Thought Provoking and Novel Message 

We are pleased to provide a serialisation of HGF member John Stewart’s new novel ‘VISITORS’

Could John prove to be a modern Charles Dickens who used the novel format to such good effect in highlighting  the social problems of England in the 19th Century? 

For a recent review in the Guardian see

In this science fiction he tells a story in which a small group of Visitors arrive unexpected on earth from a distant planet. Over the centuries they have visited earth many times and observed the way we live. They have also acquired a deep respect for much of the wisdom that they saw being made available to humanity throughout the ages.  They tried putting that wisdom into practice on their planet, in their lives, and in their social and economic arrangements and found that is was very helpful. They notice however that on Earth much of this is knowledge is ignored and humans seem to be suffering numerable unnecessary difficulties. On this visit they wish to repay to Earthlings the wealth that they have enjoyed from the fruits of past visits and in the process participate in an amusing and instructive series of events not without a little romance for those involved. Highly recommended.

David Triggs, Executive Chairman, Henry George Foundation

Now published and available @ £8.95 PB from Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd.    15 Alder Road, London, SW14 8ER.



By John Stewart

(c) John Stewart
ISBN  0 85683 2537

Part 1 – Trust and Supicion


‘The resistance level is much higher, Captain.’
‘Yes we’re down to interplanetary mode.  When travelling within crowded planetary systems, inter galactic or even inter stellar modes are much too dangerous.’

‘We must be getting close, Sir.’
‘We are, Cadet Alpha.  Your English is good, congratulations.’

‘Thank you, Sir, the ban on any other language has been a good incentive.’
The Captain chuckled.
‘Look at that, Sir!’
‘That’s Saturn and her frosty rings.’
‘How many times have you been to the planet called Earth, Sir?’
‘This is the third time.  The first time I was like you, a cadet.  But this is the first time we will be showing ourselves.’
‘Will it be dangerous?’
‘Tricky maybe, but not dangerous:  I studied British history at university.  Their law forbids assault and imprisonment without due process.  As long as we keep calm we’ll be all right.’

‘But why are we showing ourselves?’
‘The Chief Elder says, and I agree, that it is unlawful to take without giving.  We have taken for a long time, now it is time to give!’
‘But they don’t know we’ve been taking!’
‘That is irrelevant: the law will not be mocked.’
‘Sorry, Sir!’
‘Don’t be sorry.  It is good to speak your mind, for in doing so thoughts can be refined. It is one Universe and an insular tribal attitude is inappropriate.  Look, do you see that bright spot in front of us?’
‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Well that’s it; that’s the Earth.’
‘It’s coming up pretty fast!’
‘Yes it’s time for approach mode.’

The Cadet watched fascinated as the Earth grew slowly and revealed its beauty.
‘It’s amazing, Sir, a jewel without a rival!  How did we find it in the first place?’
‘Many years ago our most renowned Chief Elder told us where to look.’

‘How did he know?’
‘He knew.  That is all we know!’

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