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Our Activities: Advocacy

The Henry George Foundation seeks to raise awareness to influence and change public attitudes about access to and the use of our common resources. We do this through non-political campaigning and advocacy work in support of our educational purposes.

We seek to share our insights and understanding, and encourage the implementation of our approach, through engagement with other bodies, individuals and forums. By these means we aim to assist the development of progressive policy solutions to seemingly intractable social problems.

Building bridges

The Henry George Foundation works with partner organisations in the furthering of its educational objectives. We regularly engage with other bodies in the public, private and voluntary sectors. We can contribute fresh new thinking to help unravel and solve difficult policy problems.

Public liaison

We maintain contact with an extensive list of groups and individuals who are working in or interested in our field of work. We are therefore able to support the reform work of others and ensure that it is informed by the unique insights which the Foundation is in a position to provide.

Policy development and support

The Foundation seeks to engage with opinion formers and policy-makers across an extensive range of policy agendas, including: land reform; tax reform; resource policy; community development; housing affordability; trade justice; resource valuation; environmental justice and international debt. We retain within our organisation a broad and deep expertise which we are able to bring to bear on our work and support the work of others.

The legislative process

We act as expert advisers to UK and Scottish legislators who are seeking to introduce reforms consistent with the Foundation’s objects.


We are closely associated with senior academics and institutions within the UK and abroad. Academia provides much expert advice which supports the Foundation’s own work. The Foundation is also in a position to apply the more theoretical findings of international researchers to the practical policy context of the UK – to the improved health of the public political process. The Foundation’s work itself supports third party academic work.


The Foundation retains media relations which enables it to more broadly communicate its concerns and findings to the public and the professional sectors.

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