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The Henry George Foundation of Great Britain Open Event 2021

Levelling up and Building Back Better in a Post-Pandemic World: Insights and solutions from the economic philosophy of Henry George

Saturday 18th September 2021 10:00am to 6:00 pm

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Admission Free
Voluntary donations via website welcome

10.00 Welcome and Introduction
10:10 Session 1. Progress Report

“It’s a beginning: The Land Value Tax in Baden-Wuerttemberg”
Dirk Loehr will take us through the successful campaign for the introduction of LVT in Germany.

Economic Rent, Inequality and Public Revenue – the Singapore Model – a (public) property state?
Andrew Purves uses the concept of the ‘property state’ as a framework to tell the story of Singapore’s development since independence in 1965.

11.40 Break
11.55 Session 2. The Tyranny of Bad Ideas

“The Land Question and Community”
Joseph Milne will consider how the privatisation of land, the rise of modern industry, and the evolutionary ideologies of progress in the nineteenth century destroyed the self-sufficiency of communities and turned free people into wage labourers.

“George, Marx, Socialism, and Money”
David Triggs will consider how George’s view that the most important factor in the world as we know it is “that which feels, perceives, thinks and wills” might explain differences between his theories and those of Marx, who insisted that economic analysis must begin “with the analysis of a commodity”.

13.25 Lunch Break
14.00 Session 3. Communicating the Message

Frank Peddle and William Peirce: A celebration of the publication of The Annotated Works of Henry George Volume IV: Protection and Free Trade

15.15 Mid-session break
15.25 Session 3. Continued

“Generating Awareness of Henry George’s Principles of Cooperative Individualism”
Edward Dodson will transcend the traditional labels of ‘Georgism’ and the ‘Single Tax’ by exploring the principles of cooperative individualism.

16.10  Break
16.20 Session 4. The Future of ‘Georgism’
Panel discussion with Fred Harrison, David Triggs, Conall Boyle, Gavin Kerr and Gareth Whelan
17.35 Concluding Session – Remarks, Questions and Observations

Join via Zoom:

Admission Free
Voluntary donations via website welcome

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