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Open Event

An Open Event organised by

The Henry George Foundation of Great Britain

11 Mandeville Place, London, W1 U 3AJ
(Courtesy of The School of Economic Science)

Saturday 23 September 2017

11.30 am to 6.00 pm

         Registration and Coffee from 11.00am

           Following the HGF AGM (10am – 11am)

Progress Without Poverty – The Remedy

This Open Event will comprise a series of sessions devoted to exploring how and why the lessons to be drawn from Henry George’s best-selling book “Progress and Poverty – An inquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and of increase of want with increase in wealth … The Remedy” can help in addressing the serious socioeconomic problems of today.

Issues that are of so much concern to us today, including; economic recessions and austerity, public revenue and taxation, extreme inequality, housing, health and welfare, as well as the impact of government policies on employment, trade and the earnings of labour and capital in both public and private sectors of the economy, were central to George’s enquiries nearly a hundred and forty years ago. Today, as these issues impact on peace within, and between, nations and the sustainability of the natural environment that mankind depends upon, the need for economic policies that reflect George’s message has become increasingly urgent.

All sessions will provide an opportunity for questions and contributions from all who attend and will feature:-

  • Consideration of the context, circumstances and details of George’s analysis and proposals and their possible application in a post Brexit UK.
  • A “Question Time” session in which a panel of “Georgists” will respond to questions and
    comments regarding the relevance and practicability of George’s proposals for the UK today.
  • An “Open Mike” session during which anyone who has a particular contribution or challenge to the Georgist paradigm will have an opportunity to do so.
  • Celebration of the publication of the new Annotated Edition of Progress and Poverty and consideration of how it might most usefully be used to promote George’s message today.

Tea and Coffee will be available

We are planning to offer assorted sandwiches at lunch break which will be subject to a small charge and must be booked by emailing the organisers as soon as possible and before Thursday 21st September, email to:    Alternatively, you may choose to have lunch in one of the many local restaurants.

All Welcome – Please complete booking on the Eventbrite link

Free Entry – Donations Suggested

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