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HGF Programe Spring 2019

Meetings at 11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ
Courtesy of The School of Economic Science
Spring 2019
Date   Wk No Afternoon Group Evening Group
11/01/2019 Fri   Group Study  2:30 pm  
18/01/2019 Fri   Wk 1 Group Study  2:30 pm no meeting
25/01/2019 Fri   Wk 2 Group Study  2:30 pm no meeting
01/02/2019 Fri   Wk 3 Group Study  2:30 pm Group Study 6:40 pm
08/02/2019 Fri   Wk 4 Group Study  2:30 pm Group Study 6:40 pm
15/02/2019 Fri   Wk 5 Group Study  2:30 pm Group Study 6:40 pm
22/02/2019 Fri   Wk 6 Half Term Half Term
01/03/2019 Fri   Wk 7 Group Study  2:30 pm Group Study 6:40 pm
08/03/2019 Fri   Wk 8 Group Study  2:30 pm Group Study 6:40 pm
15/03/2019 Fri   Wk 9 Group Study  2:30 pm Group Study 6:40 pm
22/03/2019 Fri   Wk 10 Group Study  2:30 pm tba
29/03/2019 Fri   Wk 11 Group Study  2:30 pm no meeting
STUDY GROUP:  2:30pm to 4pm: Protection and Free Trade
Presenter: Tommas Graves
The Group is engaged in regular study and occasional talks presented by members of the Group and others.  This term the Group will resume with concluding  considerations of material from Geroge’s Protection and Free Trade.   Subseequently the Group is planning to examine some   recently discovered material which includes George’s address to Trade Unions and   the writings of some commentators who offered critique on George.
In addition there will be sessions based on the poetry of Alexander Pope with presentations by Alan Roberts.      
STUDY GROUP:  6:40 to 8:10pm  Social Problems
Presenter: David Triggs.
Volume III, in the series The Annotated Works of Henry George published in 2018 has provided material for study throughout the Autumn Term and this will continue in the Spring Term.  Chapters from the book Social Problems are being studied each week.  Social Problems contains a collection of articles written by George as commissioned by an American Newspaper and later published in book form.    The problems identified by George are very familiar today and the comments he provides are as relevant today as they were when first published.
NB: Real time access to this Group Study is available via Internet Connection – see Newletter for details
You may attend one session or as many as you wish
ADMISSION FREE – voluntary donations please
The Henry George Foundation of Great Britain is a company limited by guarantee,
 registered in England ,company no 00956714, Charity No: 259194 and in Scotland SC0044360
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