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Spring 2022 Study Programme

Fridays beginning 14th January until 1st April 2022.
Half Term Date: 18th February 2022

All meetings will be online (via Zoom Video Link), please see links below

Friday Afternoons: 2:30pm to 4.00pm, led by Tommas Graves.

Reading: Social Problems (a collection of essays by Henry George published in 1883 which presents his views on political economy and his vision of reforms needed for the achievement of Justice in Social and Economic arrangements).

The Readings will draw on notes etc from Vol III of recently published volume in the series The Annotated Works of Henry George.


Friday Evenings: 6:45pm to 8:15pm, led by David Triggs.

This term, David will continue to lead our studies of Henry George’s works by looking at a selection of his speeches as incorporated in the book The Prosperity Paradox by Dr Mark Hassed published in 2000 in Melbourne Australia.

The speeches include: The Study of Political Economy, Justice the object: Taxation the means, The land for the people, The crime of poverty, Moses: Apostle of freedom, Scotland and Scotsmen, Thou shalt not steal, Land and taxation, Thy kingdom come. The book also includes a very short biography of Henry George which we shall read during the opening session.

The term will also include an analysis of the UK National Accounts in order to reveal the benefits of replacing existing taxes on employment, production and trade with the collection of land rent as public revenue.


You will be welcome to join us for as many sessions as you wish.
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