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Spring 2020 Study Programme

Meetings at 11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ

Courtesy of The School of Philosophy and Economic Science

Spring Term 2020 Study Programme

On consecutive Fridays beginning 24th January

No meeting on 21st February  Half Term Week

EVENING STUDY GROUP:  6:40 to 8:10pm

Protection or Free Trade – Post Brexit!
A Series of Seven Sessions led by David Triggs

In this series we shall explore Henry George’s masterpiece “Protection or Free Trade” alongside side consideration of the economic issues facing the UK economy on leaving the European Union.

Topics will include:-

  • Trade and Civilisation
  • The Role of Trade in the Production and Distribution of Wealth
  • Barriers to trade – historical roots
  • Trade and Protection
  • Tariffs and Smuggling
  • Tariffs, Production and Producers
  • Tariffs for Revenue
  • Exports and Imports
  • The Encouragement of Industry
  • The Home Market and Home Trade
  • Confusions Arising from the Use of Money in Trade
  • Wage Levels and Trade
  • Free Trade – Socialism and Capitalism
  • Phoney Free Trade


AFTERNOON STUDY GROUP:  2:30pm to 4pm 

Our Land and Land Policy

A Study of George’s work, led by Tommas Graves

 Continuing form the Autumn 2019 term, the Group will draw on articles in Vol 1 of the new series of Annotated Works of Henry George beginning with “The Irish Land Laws” with an introduction by Brian Hodgkinson..

You may attend one session or as many as you wish

ADMISSION FREE – voluntary donations please

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