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Henry George, Natural Law & Advaita

Henry George, Natural Law,

and Advaita

A Talk by

David Triggs

Key to a full appreciation of the ideas that Henry George espoused is an awareness of how he saw relations between the man-made, the natural, and the divine worlds. These emerge from a study of his works including Progress and Poverty (1879), his final work The Science of Political Economy (1897) and in his response to the encyclical letter, Rerum Novarum, of Pope Leo XIII in1891. In this talk and discussion David will explore how George’s thinking aligns with Advaita – the school of thought associated with the name of Shankara, based on the truth that there is nothing separate from or other than the divine and where behaviour that is in harmony with natural law is key to human wellbeing.

Whilst this talk is part of the ongoing series of study sessions on THE LAWS OF PLATO and George’s insights into natural law in the government of society, it will be self contained and is not limited to those who are currently attending the series.

Friday 3rd October 2014

6.40pm – 8.10pm


11 Mandeville Place , London , W1U 3AJ .


Courtesy of School of Economic Science


Admission Free – Donations Welcome

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