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18 – 20 Year Cycles

The 18 – 20 year economic cycle

A Talk by Akhil Pater

This is a special talk in the present series of study sessions on the laws of Plato and George’s Insights into natural law in the government of society.

The present economic arrangements governing the interaction between labour, land and capital have prevailed and developed since the Land Enclosures and the Industrial Revolution. Akhil will give his observations on this and explore the theory that present day economies move in 18 to 20 year periods of expansive followed by depressive activity. He will elaborate on the regularity and predictability of this and how it may affect business and investment. The talk will cover how the cycles play out, their key phases and important dates from recent economic history. The talk will also show that this is not a phenomenon confined to the west;emerging economies are now beating to the same rythmn.

Akhil is director of Ascendent Strategy, an Advisory company established to carry on further research in economic cycles and help investors and corporate directors apply these insights to important strategic decisions. More information is available at the Ascendent Strategy website. Akhil developed an interest in economic cycles after reading the works of Henry George and other writers who recognise the operation of natural law and how its manifestation is affected by conditions at the point of interaction between land and labour under manmade law.

This talk will be self-contained and not limited to those who currently attend the series.


Friday 14th March 6.40 – 8.10 pm

11,Mandeville place (courtesy School of Economic Science)

All Welcome Admission Free

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