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An introduction to economics

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How is it, that whilst many young people today can afford to travel the world and have super holidays, they can’t afford to provide for themselves and their families the most basic of life’s necessities – a home of their own?

Introduction (and a short answer)

In short, our answers to the problems highlighted by these questions, are that they are due to fundamental faults in national and international government’s fiscal policies. These faults stems from a more general failure in society to fully understand the source and economic significance of land values.

This failure has lead successive governments to in effect ‘steal’ much of the ‘private property’ that their citizens create individually, whilst they fail to collect sufficient public revenue from the value which their citizens create together – as community. In turn this reduces the ‘earned income’ available to working people and productive businesses, whilst it enables others to accumulate ‘unearned income’ from the wealth that they produce and which is created by the community as a whole.

This article explains why we take this radical view, and how the situation could be remedied to the advantage of all people.


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