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HGF Friday Evening Programme Spring 2013: The Laws

The Henry George Foundation of Great Britain
Is pleased to offer a further opportunity to share in the study of

‘The Laws’

As Expounded by

Plato, Marsilio Ficino,

and Henry George


Fridays 6.40pm – 8.10pm

Commencing18th January 2013

11 Mandeville Place, London W1

(by kind permission of the School of Economic Science)

All Welcome – No Charge


Building on the work of previous terms during Joseph and David will begin this term with a recapitulation of the ground covered there before moving on to explore the ideas contained in Plato’s Laws. David Triggs will do likewise in relation to highlighting what Henry George had to say about Natural Law as the basis for man-made laws. Arthur Farndell will draw on his work in translating the commentary on ‘The Laws of Plato’ that Marsilio Ficino prepared for Lorenzo de’Medici, who, as ruler of the Republic of Florence, sought to draw on the wisdom of Plato in his handling of the affairs of state.


18 January 2013 HGF Wk 1 David & Joseph General recapulation on the Study of Henry George and Plato
25 January 2013 HGF Wk 2 Joseph Milne Laws of Plato
01 February 2013 HGF Wk 3 Adrian Bertoluzzi Influence of Philosophy on the governance of the state as illustrated by Marsilio Ficino on Florence
08 February 2013 HGF Wk 4 Arthur Farndell Marsilio Ficino’s Commentary on the Plato’s Laws
15 February 2013 HGF Wk 5 Joseph Milne Laws of Plato
22 February 2013 HGF Wk 6 half term break CEJ Open Meeting Tony Vickers
01 March 2013 HGF Wk 7 Arthur Farndell Marsilio Ficino’s Commentary on the Plato’s Laws
08 March 2013 HGF Wk 8 David Triggs Henry George’s Teaching
15 March 2013 HGF Wk 9 Joseph Milne Laws of Plato
22 March 2013 HGF Wk 10 David Triggs Henry George’s Teaching

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