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The Principles of Political Economy Summer 2010

The Henry George Foundation is pleased to offer a NEW 10-week course on

“Political Economy”

Presented By David Triggs – Executive Chairman
Commencing: 14th May 2010. Times: Fridays 6.40pm – 8.10pm
Location: 11 Mandeville Place, London W1 (by kind permission of the School of Economic Science)

In this completely new course we shall show how an updated understanding of the principles of Political Economy is essential if the economic and environmental crisis that threatens to condemn the world to poverty and strife for generations to come is to be addressed. Drawing upon both the key ideas promoted by Henry George and fresh thinking we shall seek to integrate frequently separated strands of economic principle into a coherent whole. We shall consider the pivotal role that trade occupies in enabling civilisation to flourish and sufficient wealth to be produced in a sustainable manner by the economy. We shall show how injustice in this area prevents people from the satisfaction that naturally attends the production and use of wealth in all its various forms. We shall show how the naturally benign effects of trade can be rendered malign when governments fail to exercise their proper responsibilities for controlling the money supply, public revenue, expenditure, and the responsible use of natural resources.

The course is open to all and those with no previous exposure to academic economic teaching should find it stimulating and enjoyable – those with such experience are likely to find that we challenge some currently accepted theories, opinions and beliefs.

There is no charge for attendance but students are invited to make a donation to the Foundation according to their means and their valuation of the course and the work of the Foundation.

All Welcome

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